My stiff shoulders are gone!

Tomoko Kawamura  The 33rd-term student

 I had been suffering from a bad stiff neck from my junior high school days and was used to have my parents to take me off to a massage when they went. Stiffings went nowhere even when I became high school or university student. And after I started working, I acquired a bad habit like going out for a drink more often and eating a lot more than before.  Besides, I was working overtime till late and getting stress from work. In those days, I would go to a massage place at least once a 2 weeks or 7 days a week solid at worst.
 I tried various remedies like a massage nearby my house or workplace, chiropractic, a bone setting as well as all kinds of goods including low-frequency therapy equipment, goods for relieving stiff neck you would find in a pharmacy. But, any of these worked only for temporarily and the effects didn't last long. I used to think of smashing my stiff shoulders with a hummer to get a relief from the pain.
 Besides stiff shoulder, I had all other symptoms: canker sore in my mouth, herpes, spots in nostril, pimples on the lower half of my face, sty in my eye, hay fever and rhinitis. I finally settled for temporary treatment for my stiff shoulder giving up a basic remedy, thinking it was handed down to me from my parents and I would have to live with it.
 2 years ago when I got married, we moved. Living away from my familiar bone setting place where I used to go, I had to start looking for a new massage place. After trying in vain some massage places nearby my workplace and house, I entered another place with little hope. And this is where I had an encounter leading to my current situation.
 This massage place offers a treatment of both shoulder and lower back by easing muscle tension of neck bone.  And there, I was told that there is a relationship between bones and internal organs. I went straight online searching for the relationship and reached the website of Imoto Seitai. I lost no time buying Imoto sensei's book and learned that overeating can give you stiff shoulder.
 I have realized that my internal organs would churn and my stiff shoulder and sore back would become worse the next day of heavy drinking, but didn't know its mechanism. I was shocked by the teachings of Imoto Sensei seeing the light and was drawn into the new world.
 It was the time of my struggling to discover my life theme (or work) that I can focus on after realizing that my 10-year hard work would not go further and I would have to give up my work once I have a child. I found myself being reluctant to go to work and lolled idly in bed every morning.
 A week after I tried several exercises introduced in Imoto Sensei's book, I found myself being featherlight for the first time in a decade and hopped out of bed in the morning. Just at that time, a friend of mine who was in the child-rearing years said, "You would get stiff shoulders and arms and would have no time for your own while your child is little". I was just about to feel need for remedying my stiff shoulder before having a child. So when I learned that exercises in Imoto Seitai style could improve your physical condition, I was deeply amazed.
 When I had a treatment by an authorized practitioner of Imoto Seitai to remedy my body, I realized not only my stiff shoulders were gone but also my posture got better from round-back to straight-back and my lower back could firmly support upper half of my body, enabling myself to walk lightly. Imoto Seitai remedying my stiff body impressed so much that I decided to learn it as a life theme.
 It has been 10 months since I became a student of Imoto Seitai. During a lecture of the exercise for overeating at the Tokyo seminar that I attended 1 month after the enrollment, my instructor said, "The physical condition of your body is that of a man in his 40s". I, as a blooming 34-year lady, was shocked by his words. I quickly implement Imoto Sensei's teaching that overeating can cause stiff shoulders and thus you should listen to your body's whisper, by start eating moderately. Then I realized my body started changing promptly.
 Not only stiff shoulders were eased but also stomatitis and herpes caused by upset stomach, pimples on the lower half of my face, runny nose caused by poorly working respiratory system and canker sore in my mouth were almost gone. In addition, I found my languor feeling a lot reduced and would wake up renewed in the morning.
 One senior student said, "Your shoulders looked solid first, but now they totally changed better". Friends of mine would say "You really became slim" and my beautician, known for 10 years, said, "Your stiff shoulders used to be like a steel plate but they became really soft", while massaging my shoulders. The truth is that I lost only 3 kg. I guess I look slim because my shoulders are more relaxed and I have a better posture with energy on my shimotanden (lower belly).
 Even now, I often stiffen from tension, get stiff shoulders due to excessive eating/drinking or start breathing shallowly, when I'm stressed out. During Souhou and Taisou (Imoto-style exercise) at the school, I was told it is important to use lower back to transmit energy, not arms or hands. But I sometimes find myself stiffing my shoulders in order to use muscles on my arms and hands especially when I am stressed out, because my body is so used to doing it. But now I came to terms with tendency of my body and can hear what my body wants. My body gets fixed through Taisou, Souhou or Imoto manner of breathing that I need and enjoy pleasant days.
 I'd love to share this emotion and joy with as many people as possible. I hope the Tokyo seminar will be the opportunity for that.