What is Tokyo Seminar?

Tokyo Seminar is a 2-day introduction to Imoto Seitai’s principles and techniques.
Voluntary staff from the students of the dojo (school) organizes it.

Scenes from 2010’s seminar       

This seminar is for people who are in situation such as follows:
  • I would like to learn how I can solve my body’s trouble by myself.
  • I read some books or some articles about Imoto Seitai. I am now interested in this therapy. I would like to have a try.
  • I’m doing an exercise that is explained in an Imoto Seitai book, but still, I do not succeed to perform it correctly.
  • I received an Imoto Seitai treatment; I would like to learn more about this technique and about my body…
People who have participated in previous seminars would also be able to gain deeper understanding of the knowledge and technique because we offer:
  • Lecture by Imoto sensei providing answers to participants’ questions based on his abundant experience.
  • Opportunity to have evening workshop directly instructed by Imoto Sensei, in addition to the formal program.
  • Pick and develop different theme and contents each year
As you learn more and more about Imoto Seitai technique, its content goes more and more into a greater depth.
We look forward to welcoming every participant.