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Stories from Tokyo Seminar Staff

Students at Imoto Seitai have various backgrounds.  Some are in their early 20’s and some are in their 70’s. There are students from France, China, and Switzerland.  Some have experience in therapeutic field, some are businessmen, and some are housewives.  Each of us has unique background and purpose for leaning Imoto Seitai.

“What kind of people are leaning at Imoto Seitai?”
“What is the atmosphere of the school?”
“What was their first purpose for learning Seitai and how do they feel about it now?”

We asked some of our staff to write about their experience in Imoto Seitai.  We wanted to share students’ attitude and passion, and the atmosphere of the Dojo (school) with those who’ve just come across with Imoto Seitai or those who are considering about joining us in learning.


  (Tomoko Kawamura The 33rd-term student)