This year, the seminar will be held

on November 5th (Saturday) and November 6th (Sunday).

If you are interested in practicing and learning about
Seitai, come for a try!

This year’s theme is:  
Relax Your Body for a Deep Sleep

~Wake up refreshed and energized for a new day~


Have you, your friends or your family experienced conditions like this?

“I had trouble getting to sleep last night.”
“I have scary dreams and woke up in the middle of the night.”
“I slept enough but don’t feel quite refreshed.”

Sleeping is vital.  A good sleep allows us to recover from days’ fatigue and to recharge our bodies.  However it seems to be common to have some trouble getting a good sleep.

How can we have a good sleep, which refreshes and energizes our body?

The point is to improve ‘the quality’ of your sleep.

From Imoto Seitai’s point of view, it is important to relax the tension of the
body parts where stress and fatigues accumulate the most, in order to enjoy a deep and sound sleep.  Then, having a good sleep revitalizes natural flexibility
of your whole body.

The part of the body which receives most stress is different for everyone.
And so is the cause of the stress: some people get brain fatigue from overusing their eyes from long hours of computer work, some receives it on their stomach from mental stress or overeating, and some people have stiff shoulder from overusing their arms.

In this seminar, you will learn some techniques to release the tension in different parts of your body.  

You will also have the opportunity to check which part of your body tends to receive the most stress, and to learn how to release it in ways which are suitable for your body.

Finally, you can take these knowledge and techniques home with you to care yourself, your friends and your family.

All the staff is doing their best to organize this event, hoping that every participant would be able to have better sleep through this seminar.

We are looking forward to welcoming you!


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